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Update March 15, 2010--Kidnapping, VBS and more

Ecuador Update March 15, 2010

ICW—Services went well at ICW yesterday with 37 people present. Nine of those were boys or men who had not been to the church before. Of the 37 people, 22 were guys. Tom preached on “You Need a Savior.” There were no seekers who came forward, but many had tears in their eyes and were deeply touched during the message. Tom was stricken ill Saturday night and was quite sick Sunday. Prayers of the ministry team were heard and Tom made it through the service. Tom believes this was a physical attack from the enemy. He is doing better today.

God’s protection—We praise God for his protection. Last Sunday afternoon, as Lydia walked alone by the river taking some pictures, a man brandishing a knife approached her and stole her camera. She was shaken, and suffered a minor cut on her hand from the skirmish, but is doing well.

The sister of Nube T., Veronica, was kidnapped last Saturday night about midnight in Cuenca. Five men carjacked her vehicle and drove her to a remote location where they began to dismantle her car. During the incident, one of the kidnappers attempted to rape her. She fought back hard, kicking, hitting and biting the attacker. He did not rape her, but beat her so violently that when her family finally found her, they thought she was dead. Fortunately, Veronica is recovering, though she needs much prayer. She had been a Christian but has drifted away from the Lord. Pray that this situation will “work together for her good.”

Guayaquil—VBS is being held this week at Camino de Santidad Church.

McGrady’s held a one-day VBS activity at the Altar Cristiano Church last Thursday. Fifty-five kids were there and it was a great success.

Manta—McGradys visited Manta for few days recently and feel there could be potential there for a future church plant. More investigation will be done to gather detailed info.

Racar Ministry Center—Thanks to the outstanding work and support of the Kansas teams, good progress has been made on the RMC. We are hoping to mount a capital campaign in the coming months to raise the needed funds to finish this building which will serve the entire Ecuador ministry. Our project manager, George Wuertz estimates it will take about $120,000 to finish the building and grounds, including the sports areas.

Family visits in Racar—Last Sunday Lydia and Tom stopped by Fabian and Ana Lucia’s home to visit Fabian after his recent accident. He is a professional coach and recently suffered a knee injury. What was to be a quick visit turned into staying for “a little soup” which turned into a full dinner. After eating together, we sat in their living room and talked about spiritual concepts. The discussion was prompted by Lydia’s teaching that Sunday morning. Both Fabian and Ana Lucia entered into the discussion and both seemed to sincerely be seeking God’s truth. We talked until after 3pm. Pray for their salvation.
Ladies’ book study going well—Sheree Wuertz is directing a ladies’ book study in their home on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons. They are reading “Captivating” by John and Stasi Eldridge. Pray for this study, as many of the attendees do not regularly attend our church services.

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