Monday, December 5, 2011

Big Blue is Back Up!

Team Visit—A team of three people arrived November 26 and will depart December 6.  The team is from Eastern NY/New England district.  Members are Pastor Paul and Susan James and Pastor John Gillette.

Guayaquil—On Nov. 27, the NY team visited our churches in Guayaquil and the following afternoon and evening we met with a group of 18 Guayaquil leaders for training and dinner together.  It was a very positive time.

Juvenile Correctional Center—Team coordinator, Paco Chiles, gave a glowing report that 21 inmates stood to their feet during an invitation on Friday, indicating they wished to accept Christ.  This included two of the adult prison counselors.  Paco beamed as he told us of Luis, “the most hard-hearted of them all” being the first to stand to receive Christ. This brings our total number of salvations to 82 since May.

Lighthouse—The big blue tent was erected last Saturday and we now have space for about 150 people.  We had simply outgrown the available space in the RMC. Yesterday’s service was a celebration of the “new” facility, now placed over a nice concrete slab. Four seekers came forward following Paul James’ message.  One needed freedom from demonic oppression and the other three were first-time salvations.  Three first-time visitors were there too. What a great day.  Attendance averages for October and November were in the 80’s!


  1. We love hearing about what the Lord is doing in Ecuador and especially through You, Lydia, George and Sheree!! Keep listening and obeying!!

  2. Wonderful news up-dates, here, Tom. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up-to-date! This just shows the fantastic goodness of the Love and Grace within the Lord we serve. Praying the Lord will continue to bless and prosper His ministry in Ecuador through you and yours this coming year.