Monday, June 7, 2010

God answers prayer!

ICW photo Apil 25, 2010

Guayaquil Youth—A youth team from Westview Community Church in Kansas will arrive Wednesday to hold youth leadership training, a children’s day activity in Fortin and an all-church youth outing to Salinas beach. Pray for safety and effective ministry while the team is here.

Discipleship underway—The new discipleship group from ICW met for the first time last Thursday. Ten people had signed up and ten people showed up. Tonight we will meet for our second session.

New family—Alex, our student pastor at ICW took Tom to the home of a family he had contacted just last Sunday. They visited Olga and her daughter, Patricia, in their home again this Sunday afternoon. I wish you could have heard Olga’s testimony of how much Alex’ visit had meant to her the Sunday before. She told how she had been so depressed that she had gone to the doctor. She said that after Alex visited with her, and shared words of encouragement, that her week went just great. She was marveling at how much peace she sensed in her life. God is putting together so many new connections with people we can hardly keep up. Obviously He has great plans for the Racar community and the church He is building there.

Another great Sunday at ICW—Joyful worship, testimonies of answered prayer and new faces and an attendace of 55! It’s all part of what happened yesterday at ICW. Nancy gave testimony that just last Sunday she requested prayer for three things—and they were all answered during the week. In her words: “I just want you people to know that the prayers we pray here are not in vain. Last week I requested prayer for and needed guarantor for a business loan—we obtained the guarantor. We needed approval for the business loan—we got the loan. I asked prayer for my parent’s health—my dad (who lives in another town) actually called me to tell me that he is doing much better. God does answer prayer!”

A new married couple was there for the first time yesterday. Also, David and Priscilla, a young couple who was 24 hours away from signing divorce papers just four weeks ago, have been at every Sunday service since they came for counseling a little over a month ago.

God is building the church with families. TEN MARRIED COUPLES WERE PRESENT IN WORSHIP YESTERDAY! Of the adults present, fifteen were women and seventeen were adult men. We are targeting men and families, and God is sending them in.

The Sunday afternoon sports activities saw about 25 people (mostly guys) enjoying a soccer match on our field. Really good body life!

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