Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Bible Institute Students

Guayaquil visit—Tom traveled to Guayaquil on Sunday afternoon to preach at the house church in the evening. He preached from Acts 2 and focused on two evidences of the Spirit-filled life—love, and the power to obey. About 32 people were there. Afterward, Tom spent an hour and a half with Pilar and Nino sharing about the ministry and coaching them regarding the challenges of building this new group of believers. God really helped us.

New Bible institute students—There are five students that are starting their second year in the institute. They are Pilar and Nino Medina, Juan Carlos and Diana Cruz (seen in photo above) and Monica Villalva. Three new students were approved to begin their first year. Classes started Monday, May 2. Please pray for the students as they train to serve Christ.

Wuertz health—As you know, the Wuertz have battled respiratory illness throughout the whole family for more than a month. This has really become a drag on their energy and ability to do the work they love. Please pray that the illness will be rebuked and that God will restore health this family.

ICW—Last Sunday was another great day at ICW. This month marks our second anniversary. We had a larger crowd than normal and several were there either for the first time, or back for the first time in a long time. Also, a couple that had visited on Easter was back on Sunday. Tom preached on being rooted and grounded in Christ. There was one seeker who came forward.

Addiction struggle—Please pray for one of the guys from ICW. It was recently discovered that he has a drug addiction. He is coming to services regularly and is striving to grow in the Lord, but he needs to deal with this reality. Pray for courage to seek help and for God’s power to be revealed in breaking these chains of addiction.

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  1. Thanks for the news and updates. Will be praying with you. Keep up all the good work and make sure to keep posting. You are not just missionaries in Ecuador. Watching you inspires me and others with whom I share your blog.