Monday, September 19, 2011

We are growing!

Lighthouse—Last Sunday bought us a record crowd of 89 people for our Sunday service. New people are coming almost every Sunday. All seats were full and some were standing. God’s presence was very near and we reveled in the wonderful communion of His saints worshipping Him together. Tom preached on “The Illusion of Neutrality” and the people were challenged to make their “yes” decision for Christ. At the close, four seekers came forward. One was a first-time guest. Another young lady gave her heart to Jesus. This brings our salvation total since May to 52!

Baptism classes got underway last Sunday and we are expecting 8 to 12 candidates. I love walking through this experience with new believers. Can’t wait.

RMC Lighthouse—This new center is really looking good these days. Roofing is going on and we are only weeks away from being able to use most of this new facility. I will try to have a picture for you next week.

Correctional Center—Paco Chiles (isn’t that a great name!) who recently got back to the Lord, is leading a new ministry in the Cuenca Juvenile Correctional Center. Last week, our youth decided to join him in this new work. Four guys and gals accompanied Paco. This ministry seems to be getting a good response. One of the guards asked to have his picture taken with 6-foot plus, blonde-haired gringo Jordan McGrady (who has the nickname “El Leon”—the Lion, due to his blonde mane!)

Ladies’ prison anniversary—Tomorrow, Lydia and her team will go to the prison for their first year celebration. There will be food, pictures, tons of used clothing to distribute and lots of fun. Pray that throughout the whole celebration the inmates will sense how much they are loved by the prison team and by their waiting Savior, Jesus.

New Ladies’ Bible study—Launching just last Thursday, the new ladies’ morning Bible study (targets moms with kids in school and work-at-home women) got off to a good start with eight women in attendance. One of our new converts who was led to the Lord in her home, but does not attend ICW services because of a violent husband, went to the Bible study and brought her sister-in-law, who does not know the Lord yet.

Jenny Quezada (Prieto)—Tom’s new administrative assistant, Jenny, is doing an amazing job in her first two weeks. A myriad of backlogged work that had been shelved due to time constraints is finally getting done. It’s a huge blessing to have Jenny’s skills and amazing energy working for the Mission.

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