Monday, January 7, 2013

New Missionaries Arriving

New Missionaries—Isaac and Amy Thompson have completed language training in Costa Rica and will be arriving in Ecuador Jan. 13.  They will living in Cuenca and will become part of the administrative staff with Tom Hines and will be participating in various other ministries as they get settled in.

Jim and Lori Rice will be arriving in Ecuador about Feb 20.  They have been delayed due to a knee surgery Jim will have this week.  They will be part of the Guayaquil team and will assist in a new church plant.

Sheri Beck continues her language studies in Costa Rica until August when she will join the Guayaquil team. 

Prison ministry—The Voices of Hope will begin Celebrate Recovery in the women’s prison tomorrow.  Please pray for the team as they embark on this very challenging addition to their present work there.

RMC—Much work has been done on the RMC in the past several weeks.  It’s looking more finished and we hope to have several rooms ready for a partial dedication of this complex on Feb 3.

Lighthouse—Ministries continue to go well at the Lighthouse.  The Christmas holidays always lower our attendance.  It’s ironic that the Easter and Christmas services that tend to be some of the most well attended services in the States are the opposite here. But we had 70 people on Sunday and things will climb back to normal as people get in the groove of the new year.  Many of the new believers are showing evidence of good growth as disciples.

Kansas Team—We are getting geared up to receive the Kansas Team on Jan. 26-Feb 9.  We will be doing construction projects in both Guayaquil and Cuenca, along with special children’s day activities and married couples’ events.

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