Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayer and weeping--victory and laughter!

This pretty much describes last night's pastors' workshop in Guayaquil. Early on a pastor confessed he was feeling alone and discouraged. Everyone gathered around him, laying on hands and praying for God to lift him up and encourage him. Tears flowed down Pastor Nino's cheeks as he led us in prayer. God met us and moved on us to strengthen this struggling pastor. After the prayer, the prayed-for pastor said, "I felt like I was alone before, but now I know I am not."

One pastor confided to the group that he had been in disobedience and had not been tithing faithfully for some time. He told how he had made the decision to believe God for his needs and set aside his tithe. He stood up, held up his leg so everyone could see his shoe. He then told how a few days ago he was helping another brother when suddenly his worn-out shoe "blew out" with the sole flapping. The Christian brother with him walked him into a shoe store where he bought the pastor a new pair of sneakers. This same pastor told how he had not had enough money to buy his children the required school uniforms to start the new school year. The people of the church became aware and provide the uniforms. On an even more exciting note, he told how he had spoken to a neighbor last week, and Sunday she showed up at church and was saved. Another lady also prayed to accept Christ. Three other people gave their lives to the Lord across town at the FERTISA church, bringing the total number of those saved last Sunday to five!

As we studied and planned for May's stewardship emphasis, we found time to have fun, enjoying the many outbursts of laughter. It was just what it should be. The family of God--working together, loving Him and loving each other.

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