Monday, April 18, 2011

Elena's Muddy Boots

ICW—Holy week got off to a good start Palm Sunday. Singing was enthusiastic and heartfelt. The message from Mark 11-1-11 was engaging and the emphasis was on allowing Christ to make entry into our hearts, which will bring spiritual triumph.

Monday through Friday we are having early-morning prayer meetings at the church at 5:30am. This morning was rainy and cool, and of course very dark. Seven people attended. One was 67-year-old Elena (pictured to the right), who walked nearly a mile uphill to be there. Her boots were muddy, but she was there. Another attendee was Edison, a 17-year-old young man who also walked about a mile in the rain to be there. Prayer time was great and God touched every heart. As Nube prayed this morning she said, “Lord, thank you for our pastors—they have been a light in our lives.” I couldn’t help but think about the correlation with the new name “The Lighthouse.”

Good Friday’s noon service will be led by Sheree Wuertz and the youth. We will celebrate Holy Communion at the close. Easter service will include special participation by our youth through drama and special music. We will cap off the week with an Easter dinner on Sunday.

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