Friday, April 8, 2011

People Helping People

ICW Racar—God continues to do great things at Racar. The youth group has grown to over twenty, with five of them joining the mentorship group under the direction of George and Sheree. Tom has begun weekly mentoring with Jorge Prieto. Jorge desires train to be a leader in the church. Another Jorge--Jorge Luis, testified about how God has brought him back from a period of running away from God. He shared how several nights ago, God’s Spirit touched him as he prayed and he broke down and sobbed, pouring out his heart to God. He and wife Carla have been attending regularly again, after a six-month absence. The new marriage enrichment group is growing. Seven couples were present this week. Marcelo and Nube filled in for the Wuertz a week ago and did well. Those who attend seem to be having a great time of sharing, growing and seeking God in their family relationships. Sheree is leading this group. During a recent visit in his home, Fausto Chalco gave a wonderful testimony of how what he had learned in the Purpose Driven Life Class helped him be a help to one of his workers at the factory. Fausto talked with the young mother and urged her to practice some of the principles he had recently learned at ICW, in regard to her children. She came to him later and told him that what he had taught her had changed her actions at home, and she avoided a possible violent confrontation. “It’s a good feeling to help people.” Fausto beamed. Yusby Villareal called Tom last Sunday to arrange help for a neighbor’s son whose marriage is in distress. Tom met with the wife, and is arranging counseling. We are beginning to see our people reaching out to others in the Racar community. The church is starting to “auto-generate” in its ministry perspective. People of ICW helping others. Pray this passion will grow and flourish.

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