Monday, June 13, 2011

At war with evil!

Spiritual warfare continues—In the last months we have grown increasingly aware of the reality of demonic oppression among our people. I have been studying Biblical Demonology, by Merrill Unger. God has also placed some brothers and sisters in our pathway that have experience in this area. At first I questioned just how valid these “liberation sessions” are, and to what degree we should “get into” some of this kind of ministry. To my shock and surprise we started receiving calls and contacts with those who were unquestionably oppressed by demons or who had been actual Satan worshipers/witches. It was all too “coincidental” to be just an accident. Last Friday, Lydia and I visited a former member of the ICW in Racar. She now lives in Guayaquil. Sitting in her living room she told us how her daughter has suffered strong oppression from demons. Our friend testified that as she recently visit in her daughter’s home, and the daughter expressed terrible fear and even her young son has seen unusual things. As the mother, Gloria, prayed with the daughter, the daughter became hostile toward her mother. “Something” in her told her to get a kitchen knife and kill her mother. The daughter actually wanted to kill her mother, even though that is totally out of character for this young lady who loves her mom so much. The daughter confessed later that while her mother was praying, she had physically tried to attack her, but a power kept her from touching her! As Gloria prayed and pleaded the blood of Jesus, the daughter calmed down, but was shaken at the evil power that had dominated her thinking and actions.

This issue with the daughter is not resolved. The daughter has NOT turned to Christ for liberation. Therefore, she is still subject to those demonic powers that overcome and control her. Please pray for this young lady, that she will allow God to set her free and that she will rebuke these demons that have her bound.

You my friends and co-workers know, I would be the last person in the world to seek any sensationalism or superficial dramatic manifestations. However, now that we are getting very close to the these situations, and Lydia is actually discipling an ex-witch in the prison, we are coming to understand that Ecuador is a place where witchcraft and shamans, curses and demons have had full liberty to do their destructive activity. We are coming up against powerful strongholds of Satan and his armies. Although he has ultimately been defeated, he still runs loose for the moment, trying to take every precious soul that Jesus died for, to Hell.

Pray for me and our entire missionary team as we seek to learn more about confronting these demonic powers and helping people to find freedom from them. If you would like to actually see videos about the ex-witch that Lydia is working with, check, and search “la bruja marcela carpio”. You will see the real world of evil that we are confronting. You will see Marcela’s burning house. You will see the well where her maid was found dead. You will see her altar to Satan. You will see photos of people she has cursed by evil rituals placing pins in their photos to bring about the curse. Skulls, snake skins and evil icons were found in her home.

As Lydia talked with Marcela last Tuesday, this ex-witch said she is telling everyone that God is the answer and that love is the only hope. She told of a neighbor who had lived next door to her for 22 years. The neighbor is an evangelical Christian. When Marcela found out, she called the woman to her house. She said, “Supposedly you are a Christian. You have lived next me for 22 years and you NEVER ONCE told me that God loves me. NOT once!” Marcela said she grabbed the neighbor lady by the shoulders and literally threw her against the wall. Shaking her finger in her face she yelled, “If you say you are a Christian, then begin acting like one—tell people that God loves them!”

I will have a more complete report on Marcela coming to you soon. Her testimony, given face-to-face to Lydia just last week, is an amazing story of the turn-around God is making in her. But she is desperate. She has been a witch since 15 years of age. She is now in her 50’s. “I know nothing else,” she said to Lydia. I don’t know how to make a living.” Pray, pray, pray. Tomorrow Lydia will be face-to-face with Marcela again!

ICW Racar—God continues to move a wonderful way in hearts of our congregation. The youth of our worship band are now receiving training—not so much in music. They have that talent already. But they are being taught responsibility and discipline as servants of the church body. They are doing very well. Two people have been saved this month in our services.

Jorge Prieto continues to lead services and is doing great. Attendance continues to be good.

Prison--Two women were saved in the prison last week.

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