Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great prison news!

We’re back after a three-week gap……computer breakdowns, hosting a team and other things kept us away.

Hertiage Team—May 13-23, a five-person team from Heritage Wesleyan in Moline, IL visited us. Their major focus was the women’s prison. They went to the prison five consecutive days and the results were awesome. Even a well-known witch was prayed with, demons were renounced and bound in Jesus’ name, and the former witch, “M”, is now attending the meetings. “M” asked that we pray God will forgive her for “the many people she has killed.” Pray for Lydia, Sheree and the entire team as they come against strongholds of Satan.

Guayaquil—Reports are that the three new Bible institute students are doing well. During our last visit on May 15, we visited both Fortin and the house church. Visiting pastor Ben Moncivaiz, of Moline, preached an encouraging message of family. Lydia and I will travel to Guayaquil tomorrow to meet with the pastors. Pray for empowing for us as we deal with challenges Pastor Gustavo and Tatiana are facing.

ICW Racar—God is moving mightily at Racar. Attendance is up with a May average of 55. Wednesday’s marriage group is now eight couples and is having a powerful impact. A new men’s group is meeting on Thursday evenings led by George Wuertz. Our new worship band debuted last Sunday and the band is meeting every Saturday for leadership mentoring with Tom. We spend an hour in spiritual preparation and an hour in music practice. Friday nights, George and Sheree are meeting with 5-7 youth who have committed to be mentored in leadership. This week, two people have expressed a strong call to minister in the church. One is Jenny Prieto and the other is Ximena Zhingre, a former prisoner. I have challenged the church to win 220 people to Christ. Two were saved in the service Sunday before last and two women were saved at the prison this week. Two hundred sixteen to go!

ETeam—Our ETeam is growing. Jim and Lori Rice, Isaac and Amy Thompson and Sherri Beck will all head to Indy in June for Missionary Training Institute to be held at our Global Partners HQ. Pray for these newly appointed missionaries as they build their support teams and prepare for major transition in their lives.

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