Monday, October 24, 2011

Babies and Bibles!

Lighthouse—Our fourth Sunday of Bible Month was really good. We had six or seven people there for the
first time, most of them family of parents who were dedicating children. I dedicated two boys and one girl. Child dedications are a much bigger deal in
Latin America since many compare it to the first communion or confirmation done
by the Catholic Church. Attendance was 70.

Next Sunday
is THE Bible day and we will have a full day of activities. We are expecting a record number of people.

Missionary Team—Two of our missionary-elect couples
are expected to receive financial clearance by November 1. They are Jim and Lori Rice and Isaac and Amy
Thompson. They should be starting
language school in Costa Rica the first days of January 2012, and arrive in
Ecuador in January of 2013.

Guayaquil—Pray for the completion of the
Guayaquil Reform and Restoration Plan which winds up the end of November. At that time we will launch the new Plan
Guayas Phase I which defines our
strategy and goal-setting for that area through January of 2013.


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