Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lighthouse Bible Day

GUAYAQUIL--Lydia and I had a very good meeting with our pastors in Guayaquil last Thursday. Seven of the eight leaders who had “book reports” due turned their’s in. Both lead pastors turned in statistical and financial reports. We are working to complete the Guayaquil Reform and Restoration Plan by November 30. I introduced the basic ideas for the new Plan Guayas and I believe it was well received.

ICW LIGHTHOUSE—We had a great Bible Day yesterday reaching a new record attendance of 92! The special celebration featured special music, a hog roast, Bible Bowl competition, coffee and cake and a movie about the life and death of John Hus. It was a wonderful day.

SHEREE WUERTZ—Please pray extra for Sheree as she is suffering from pneumonia. She has some water on one lung and is quite weak. Sheree carries a continuously heavy load of family counseling, youth leadership and being a mom to two very active boys. Pray for her quick recovery.

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