Monday, November 14, 2011

International Conference

Guayaquil—Pastor Nino Medina will be our delegate to the International Conference of the Wesleyan Church, which will be held in Panama City, Panama in January of 2012.

Our five Bible institute students are nearing the end of their school year.  Four of them will complete their second year of studies, while one completes the first year.

Cuenca—It was a busy week at the Lighthouse.  Here are some highlights:

·         Hugo called and the Wuertz counseled and prayed with him.

·         Extra time was spent walking some of our people through inter-personal conflicts

·         All-church meeting to discuss needed space for worship and plans for membership classes.  Twenty-two people signed up.

·         Planned upcoming baptism for next Sunday—2-6 will be baptized.

·         Great day Sunday—powerful worship, 4 seekers, 79 attended.

Worship space—In our all-church meeting Friday, the advisory board presented a plan to meet our immediate need for space.  There was consensus to pour a concrete slab right in front of the west wing of the RMC. We will erect the tent on that slab and install adequate light for nighttime activities and also install electrical outlets.  We will set up the wooden platforms made by the last Kansas team and erect an attractive backdrop to give a better feel.  Our budget for the project is $1200.  We will take $400 from our current church funds.  A brother from the church has agreed to donate the $800 needed to complete the project.  All monies for the project will come from the local church giving. When the tent is removed, at some future point, the slab with serve as a patio for the RMC.

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