Monday, March 12, 2012

Great Marriage Group

Lots of teams—The first three months of 2012 have brought us the Kansas Wesleyan Men team, a visit from Sheri Beck, who is a missionary intern appointee, and a construction team from Heritage Wesleyan Church in Illinois.  Both construction teams have done an outstanding job and we are getting closer to beginning finishing work on the first two floors of the RMC.

Lighthouse—God continues to do amazing things in the lives of our Lighthouse church family.  Each month people are being saved and seeking God in a very personal and sincere way.  This leads to lots of spiritual battles going on as new converts learn how to leave the world’s sinful passions behind and separate themselves to serve God.  Ninety-nine people attended yesterday’s service.  Four seekers came forward.  Help us pray that God will call and prepare an Ecuadorian pastor for the Lighthouse.

Prison ministry—The work is going very well and we are beginning to see some more visible results in the lives of the women.  God has brought some new participants onto the scene, and we are praying that He will touch the hearts of those He choses to call who will eventually become the primary leaders of this great work.

Guayaquil—The Guayaquil work continues to move forward.  The Kansas Wesleyan Men team donated funds for replacing the roof structure and metal sheeting on the Fortin building and that project is to be completed in the next few days.  Thanks Kansas!

Marriage group—One of the areas of greatest need among our people is that of building a healthy marriage.  The marriage mini-retreat held in January was a great kick-off for the weekly marriage group that meets each Sunday morning at the RMC. Sheree normally leads this group, but since she is in the USA for FLAME classes and a few days of vacation, yesterday’s session was led by Danilo and Elizabeth Aviles, who did a fantastic job.  A young doctor who has always been vehemently opposed to any evangelical church activity came with his wife for the marriage group at 9am, then stayed for worship.  God is powerfully using this ourtreach.

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  1. We love hearing about the Lord working in the lives of people through you guys, George and Sheree, the pastors in Guayaquil and the people. It is a blessing to read what our Father is doing in Ecuador!!