Monday, March 19, 2012

65 People At Fortin!!!

Guayaquil—Juan Carlos reported that a couple of weeks ago there were 65 people in attendance at Fortin.  It is good to see how Hilda and Edison and Viviana are taking a major role in leadership there.  Work is also progressing on the new roof.

Danilo and Elizabet                                                  Jorge and Jeovanna

Cuenca—At Lighthouse Church yesterday, 15 couples were represented in the marriage enrichment group.  A highlight of this meeting is that Both Danilo and Elizabet Aviles, and Jorge and Jeovanna Iñiguez are leading the teaching for the weeks Sheree Wuertz is absent.  Both couples have done a great job. Jorge and Jeovanna’s story is particularly interesting as they were married for seven years, then divorced.  Three years ago they were saved and their marriage was restored. Also, I spent an hour last evening listening to a glowing testimony from a wife who has recently been reunited with her husband. He completed alcohol rehab in December.  Both are serving as ushers in the church. It was a powerful witness to what God is doing in the hearts of many, many people who are part of our Lighthouse congregation.

Salvation—There is nothing more exciting or more important than people coming to Christ.  Lydia had the privilege of leading a young woman to a salvation experience last week.  After setting a goal last May to see 220 people brought to Christ through the Lighthouse ministry, I am glad to report that this number has reached 91! PTL!

Mentoring—Tom is continuing to meet with Jorge Prieto each week for the purpose of mentoring and leadership development.  Our time right now is being highlighted by reading and discussing Jerry Bridges’ book, The Pursuit Of Holiness.”  Nothing is more exhilarating than seeing young Christians sincerely pursue God and discover His truths. 

Prayer needs—In spite of all the new victories and advances I report, all is not well with everyone.  Many couples are experiencing marriage or family conflicts.  Many are unemployed and are in dire economic straits.  Please pray that these families will keep on trusting and following the Lord, and that they will let God work out these issues in His time and in His way. 


  1. Thanks for posting this news. It is a big encouragement to your team back home.

  2. Good talking to you tonight Tom. Hadn't seen this at that time. Love reading about God's movement, or possibly better said, the people's movement to God in Ecuador!! Blessings!!