Monday, September 3, 2012

Father Saved, Son Plans For Ministry

Guayaquil—Tom travels to Guayaquil today through Wednesday to work on corporation documents, get supplies for the Celebrate Recovery program and hold an important strategic planning meeting with the pastors.

Lighthouse—We are praising God that Miguel Medina, father of the late Maycol Medina came forward to give his life to Christ yesterday.  It appears his son, Edison, may be starting his theological training this month to prepare to be a pastor/missionary.  Eighty-nine people attended the service yesterday and eight seekers received help at the altar. The youth gathered after service for a lengthy prayer time.

The advisory board of the Lighthouse met last evening to plan activities and review the five functions of the church.  From there we began to plan exactly what ministries we will develop to carry out those functions.  Although we did not finish our work for lack of time, we did determine that “Marriage and Family” will be one of the primary ministries. Included under that will be our marriage group as well as the Celebrate Recovery program we hope to start by October 1.  We will continue this strategic work in two weeks.

Costa Rica—Tom will be traveling to Costa Rica Sept 24-28 to meet with our missionaries who are in language school there. We will be evaluating their progress in language learning, reviewing and tweaking job descriptions and making plans for their arrival on field.

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  1. Thinking of you today, as we do so often. Thanks for sharing the good news--there and with us. Richest blessings. Always.