Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Moving forward—We have navigated some rough waters lately and God has helped us resolve some deep issues that have affected our work here for some time.  With those things behind us the future looks brighter and some stresses and pressures have eased.

Guayaquil—During a recent visit from Jarvis Ferguson, our area director, our Guayaquil pastors and principal leaders gathered for a stewardship seminar led by Jarvis.  Response was good and one of our leaders, Edison, testified later that the seminar has changed his life. 

The Bible institute students in Guayaquil will be holding an outdoor evangelistic service September 1.  This is part of their practicum training and will move them one step closer to next year’s graduation.

RMC—Construction on the RMC will start up again this week.  We are planning to focus on finishing one room at a time on the first two floors.  We hope to have the second-floor children’s room completed in three weeks.

Lighthouse—We are seeing good growth in our people, many of whom have come to know Christ in the last year.  Since May of 2011, 110 people have made a profession of faith.  September 30 we will be having our next baptism.  Seventeen of our youth attended a youth camp recently and came back fired up. Last Sunday the tent looked pretty full with 101 people in attendance.  Eight seekers prayed at the close of service. If the local advisory board is in favor and the people support the plan, we will likely start raising funds soon for a new multi-purpose building with a capacity of 250 people. 

Visas approved—Tom and Lydia have received a one-year renewal of their visas. 


  1. Thanks for the update. It is good to see another post here in addition to the e-mails. We rejoice with in all the good news and pray in all circumstances. Que Dios les bendiga ricamente.
    -- Chuck H

  2. HI. I like this format for the newsletter. I miss you both and would love to see you. Keep in touch.
    With loads of love . . . Waneda