Monday, August 12, 2013

New missionary

Guayaquil—Connections were made with a Christian lady in La 21 community who was very excited about us beginning a ministry in her neighborhood.  She has invited Pastor Juan Carlos and Diana to have a Bible study in her home.  The Cruz have also located a vacant house in La 21 and are inquiring about renting it.  Pray the Cruz will soon be living in that community.

Cuenca—The youth of the Lighthouse are working hard to raise funds for their camp in October. Those who were new to the group and were saved in last year’s camp are still faithful and are bringing in others! PTL! Stewardship month is going well. Sunday’s offerings and tithes were up  500%!

Visas—The government has placed some new demands for additional documents for religious visas (Hines, Thompsons, Beck and Serrato).  Pray we will be able to obtain the required documentation quickly. (Tom and Lydia’s visas expire August 21.)

Welcome—Liz Serrato, a GoNet employee will be joining the Guayaquil missionary team early next year.  She hopes to have her funds raised by January 2014.  Pray for Liz and our team, that she will soon be here to help move the Guayaquil ministries forward.

Thanks for your heart and prayers for Ecuador.

Tom Hines

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