Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Visas granted, graduation coming


GUAYAQUIL—Exciting news this week as Pastor Juan Carlos and Diana reported 7 adults in attendance at the “La 21” in-home Bible study. The actual first meeting of this new ministry had been delayed for a few weeks due to circumstances regarding an available home for the meeting.

Sunday before last, Pastors Nino and Pilar Medina visited one of the female prisoners who was transferred to Guayaquil unexpectedly a few weeks ago. The prisoner hugged them and wept for joy upon receiving this visit.  This last Sunday, Pilar’s sister, Hilda went to the prison and took some donated items that the prisoner was in need of.  It looks like a Guayaquil prison ministry may be in the making.

CUENCA—We thank all of you for your prayers regarding our visas.  Yesterday the government accepted our applications and we should have our passport stamps soon.  PTL!

LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH—The month of August is vacation month in Cuenca and our attendance usually drops miserably.  However, this year, the effect has been much less and attendance has been good each Sunday. 

This is stewardship month and offerings are reflecting increased generosity on the part of our givers.

Several new believers will be baptized on September 22.

September we will be reorganizing our Sunday School.  Thank God, we have new teachers who will be stepping up to the plate and taking on new classes.  Eight students will be “graduating” to the youth group.  Sunday, September 15, will be a big deal—caps and gowns, diplomas, a big cake, food.  We should have lots of pictures of the big event and will share.

CORPORATION—Tom will be concentrating on obtaining the necessary documents for the corporation papers in these next few weeks.  It’s been a long journey of seven years, and we believe we are on the brink of getting everything the government requires to obtain our non-profit corporation status.  Pray for this, please.

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