Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wonderful Warfare!

Heritage Team—A ministry team from Heritage Wesleyan in Rock Island, IL. ministered to our people April 28 to May 6.  A primary focus for this group was the women’s prison, where they visited five days straight with several women making commitments to Christ and multiple opportunities to befriend and show Christ’s love to them. A computer and printer was donated to help the inmates who are studying online. More beds were donated. Dr. Ochoa, the director commented that he is seeing improved behavior overall since the Voices of Hope ministry began in August of 2010.  Praise God!

This team also visited in homes, spoke to our youth, counseled couples and  Ben Moncivaiz preached both Sundays at the Lighthouse. 

Guayaquil—We had a Saturday morning breakfast and fellowship time with our pastors and the Heritage team on April 28.  It was a wonderful time where Pastor Ben Moncivaiz shared devotional thoughts and brought uplifting words of encouragement.  This was followed by a quiet but powerful prayer time.

Thanks to a donation by the Kansas Wesleyan Men combined with funds raised by the local Fortin Church, this Guayaquil congregation has a new roof on their building.  Together we can do great things!

Cuenca—There is so much to report about Lighthouse Church I can only make a feeble attempt to cover it in this brief venue. 

Ben Moncivaiz was our guest speaker for two Sundays and really challenged out people to serve.  It was last May that Pastor Ben challenge our congregation to win others for Christ.  It was a joy to report 96 new believers in this past year.  Adding to that those who came to Christ during the week of the team visit we counted 107 total new believers! Attendance the last two Sundays was 106 and 99.

Last Sunday, some 45 adults came forward to commit to full obedience and service.  Each was anointed with oil as a symbol of the sealing of their commitment.  Wow, what will God do through these dedicated believers?  We will soon see a great harvest, I know.

Demon warfare—In the last few weeks we have been confronting many manifestations of demonic oppression in families of the church.  Some have found wonderful freedom from the fears and terror their experiences have brought upon them.  Just last evening Lydia and I visited a young family of the church.  As Paco asked questions about their recent experiences of the recent apparent demon manifestations in their home, such as footsteps on the stairs, moving chairs, voices, shadows and spirits brushing against them, Lydia pointedly asked Paco what he had in the house that would give the demons a sense of right to be there.  He admitted that he had dvd’s with horror movies that he believed did not please God.  Lydia said, “In case there is any doubt about anything, just throw it out.” She continued, “When you get those things sorted out and thrown out, then call us and we will come to have a cleansing prayer for your house.”  Paco agreed then we left.

About 30 minutes after leaving Paco’s house, our phone rang.  I answered and Paco said, “OK, Ximena and I just threw out the DVD’s, when are you coming?”  Tonight we will talk with a few couples from the house church group that meets on Tuesdays.  We will be at Paco’s house this week to do the cleansing prayer.  Amazing!

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