Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Learning that wonderful Español!

Guayaquil—Bible institute students, Juan Carlos, Diana, Nino have started their third and final year of theological studies.  Pilar has suspended her studies for one year due to the birth of their fourth child.  Pilar will continue in her third year next May and will graduate with her sister Hilda in January of 2014.

Missionaries in training—Isaac and Amy Thompson as well as Jim and Lori Rice have started their second trimester of Spanish language studies in Costa Rica.  Pray for them, as the second tri is the toughest.  It is an avalanche of new verb tenses combined with the irregularities and nuances of the language.  At this deeper level, there is often nothing one can compare these things to in our own English language.  It is truly the deep dive into becoming bilingual. 

Lighthouse Church—We showered our mothers with love and honor on Mother’s Day.  Each received a rose bouquet.  Mishell just gave birth to a son three weeks ago and that beautiful baby was in church for the first time last Sunday. Holidays have in the past cut our attendance by 40% or more, but ninety people were there.

Hines HM/GC time—Tom and Lydia will be traveling to the USA May 20.  They will attend General Conference.  In late June and early July they will be traveling on Home Ministries.  Planned visits on HM will be:

·         July 1, Colby WC, KS; am service

·         July 1, Sharon Springs WC, KS; pm service

·         July 8, Denver First WC, CO; am service

·         July 15, Concorida WC, KS; am

·         July 15, Phillipsburg WC, KS; pm service

We hope to see some of you during our Kansas/Colorado visits.

Ecuador Updates will be less regular during the next two months due to our travels and being out of country. We will return to Ecuador July 25.


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  1. It's hard to believe, but forty years ago, Sylvia and I were in language school in Costa Rica. Where did all those years go?

    We remember you in our prayers and you are in our thoughts. Rich blessing to you today.